“Brothers are like streetlights along the road, they don’t make distance any shorter but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile.”

Dr Dimpy and her Brother Purnendu

Definitely, a father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there ; but a guiding light whose love shows us the way. While your dad might be a key figure in your life, you’ll find that the person who’s right there next to you, through thick and thin, is your “ BROTHER”. So, there are times in one’s life where you do need a man-figure to look after you, and, that man may not be your boyfriend or father, not even your guy best friend. Sometimes, you need a hand to hold that tells you “everything is going to be fine in your life” because no matter how many curve balls life throws at us, he always has one’s back! That person is a friend given by nature – that person is a brother!

“There’s no other love like the love for a brother. There’s no other love like the love from a brother.”

Our brothers have our backs over and over again. They’re our closest friend, and sometimes, the most annoying people we know. But we love them anyway. 24th May is celebrated as Brother’s Day and this day pays a tribute to the brothers. The male sibling and their contribution to everyone in the family is celebrated. Not only biological brothers, but people also celebrate their bond with their brothers-in-law, cousin, or even a best friend. The bonding is mostly formed at an early stage in life and simply grows leaps and bounds with time. This brotherly bond is very special and should be celebrated.

Awarded by CM and Collector Simran and her brother Sagar

“Who needs superheroes when you have a brother.”

A brother is the most important person in your life! He Is Your Shoulder to Lean on. Blessed are the sisters who have got their brother’s back through thick and thin!  Every girl face turbulent times when she is contemplating the side-effects of her breakup also when her world is tearing up apart! That is the time when a brother always comes to the rescue! He Is a Great Defender Do u really need a bodyguard when you have got a strong, rough brother by your side? Come what may, he is likely to cover up for your mistakes before your parents.

Sheetal and her brother Mohit

His Love Is Unconditional : If you really don’t know what unconditional love is – then look into your brother’s eyes! You’ll see it right through! His love demands no expectations, no benchmarks. It is just plain adoration for a sister’s happiness. There are times when you lie to your parents and then you seek help from this knight in your shining armor! A brother always lends an empathetic ear and supports a sister when she goes through troublesome times!

Miss Saharanpur Tanya and her Brother Puneet

He Is a Secret Keeper & a Great Cheerer : “I‘ll take it to my grave” is my brother’s favorite saying! The brother knows me in and out just like all the brothers of the world know their sister’s actions and reactions! He can cheer you up when you are lowest of the low on your days. And he also shares the same adrenaline when you are in high spirits.

Siblings Can Communicate In Mere Signs : This is probably the best perk of having a brother who can understand what you are about to say! You both can communicate in mere expressions – you both know what exactly are you trying to communicate, you both know who are you making fun of! You just know that nobody else can comprehend what you both say it all through eyes.

Ritika and her Brother Chetan

A brother is someone who knows there’s something wrong even when you have the biggest smile on your face.”

Brothers are your Pillars of Strength: Life is not always a smooth ride. Sometimes, life gives you bumps and thorns and in all those times, your brother is always there with you. When the result is not satisfactory in spite of putting efforts, or when you are heartbroken – your brother is always there as the pillar of your strength. The whole world is there to judge you ruthlessly. Every action and word of yours is gauged by others but not by your brother. A Brother simply accepts you the way you are. He is your “Partner in Crime”

Shardha and her brother Himanshu

A Complete Package : Therefore , having a brother will make you feel safe. Sisters feel like they have become invincible just because they have a brother. As you grow up, your brother will become more concerned about you and will try to protect you from all the potential threats. Brothers will prevent you from having a bad company. They will help you identify the right and wrong. They will also assist you to find out the real intentions of the people around you. Nobody will have the courage to taunt or tease you when you have a brother.

“Brother – a person who is there when you need him; someone who picks you up when you fall; a person who sticks up for you when no one else will; a brother is always a friend.”

A relationship with a sibling is perhaps the longest relationship you will ever have. Siblings are generally present before the formation of friendships and beyond the lives of parents. They compete for parental attention and affection, and attuned to the emotional exchanges going on around them. They are also likely to develop attachments to one another and seek each other out for information and support. In a world where no woman is completely safe, it is always good to have a brother. He will teach you self-defense to protect yourself at times when you are alone. Consequently, siblings help one another relate to the world and shape each other’s personalities.

Mani and her brother Manu

“The greatest gift, parents ever gave me was “you” .The best part of having a brother like you is that I have never feared to lose a best friend. Ambitious, Caring, Positive, Strong, Helpful, Awesome, Reliable, that is how I define you, my brother. I feel proud when I call you my brother. I want to feel this today and every day. Happy Brother’s Day!”

Dr. Dimpy Gupta

Relationship Manager

Indus Hospital