BY- Mr. Surender Saini (UDTA)

RAHUL GOSWAMI  A name which comes in our mind standing for his extraordinary performances in the form of music and songs rapping. He is continuously  moving ahead step by step with his patience  and hardwork. Today we are presenting some parts of his  interview done by our comrade Mr.Surender Saini for AAJKYA.COM.

So here are some parts of the interview of a dynamic personality Mr.Rahul Goswami-  A song rapper. He belong to city Udhampur which is situated at Jammu. His name make people shout with joy. Every youth loves him very much. Rahul Goswami is an iconic hope for his belonging area. He is just 21 and he is breaking all records in songs rapping field. He had achieved lots of awards, rewards and recognition from various talent show organisers and other organization’s like world human rights,During Corona period he got Corona warrior certificate from Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar Movement Youth Organization for his social welfare  activities .He was awarded by city’s famous Sahu Musical Group for raising his voice against social hot causes.

Rahul Goswami is heart winner for city people. In his family his father shri Purushotam Goswami is serving to Border Security Force with his full dedication and efforts.His mother shrimati Sunita Devi is home maker and she took all her responsibilities with full interest and dedication.His parents know his talent. According to them Rahul got inspired from reality show Huesel. His family members, friends, nears and dears came to know that he can be a  long race horse and we should support him for his success.One more thing about Rahul that He write all his lyrics by  himself too. We hope He will win not only a single competition but plenty of destination. We wish him all the best for his bright future.