On World Teachers’ Day , Oriental University in alliance with Witty Gossip Association and Beyond Books Publications, Philippines organized Global Education Summit 2021. On this occasion all Educators and Dignitaries were present around the world including Brazil, Russia, Croatia, Romania, Philippines , Indonesia etc. Team of Oriental University collaborated with Astronomy and Space Company Annex Salamis under the leadership of Ms Rania Lampou – from Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Greece and Shineth Cunanan Gonzales -President Colorado Global Schools, USA for associating with us.

Prof. Dr. Sunil K Somani – VC (Oriental University) gave inaugural address in presence of Registrar Dr. Pradumnay Yadav and Pro VC Dr. Dhruv Ghai,  President / CEO  Leonilo Basas Capulso(Dr-Doi) Beyond Books Publications.

The event was conducted by Dr. Supriya Pathak, Director Foreign Affairs – Witty Gossip Association.

In this summit, the services of teachers and their contributions to education was acknowledged and appreciated for their role and importance in the development of students and society.

In the summit all educators including Oprican Ermina, Coordinator of European and International Projects, Romania Vilma Da Luz Barbosa, Professor English Sesc em Santa Catarina, Brazil, Rupam Mukherjee, Global Educator and Convenor, Asansol, West Bengal, Josephine Ogufere, Founder- Super Teacher, Nigeria paid a tribute to the teaching profession and tends to resolve some of the issues regarding their profession and hence tried to find solutions to attract the brightest young minds towards this profession.

The Global education Summit 2021 is inspired by UNESCO, Education International (EI), UNICEF, UNDP and  the International Labor Organization (ILO),


“On World Teachers’ Day, we are not only celebrating every teacher. We are calling on countries to invest in them and prioritize them in global education recovery efforts so that every learner has access to a qualified and supported teacher. Let’s stand with our teachers!”